Embrace Innovation with SAP IoT Services

Use the SAP Internet of Things Platform

to Monitor, Automate & Transform

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SAP Internet of Things Applications

Build your smart enterprise with SAP IoT services.

Use the SAP IoT platform to feed internal strategy, production efficiency, and quality assessment.

Trust an SAP Gold Partner to spark your digital transformation with fast, long-lasting returns.

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Create Value with SAP IoT Solutions for Your Industry

SAP IoT services are beginning to show massive value across UK industries.

Accurately measure performance, identify areas for automation, and create services that transform customer experiences.

Draw on decades of industry experience when you choose Influential Software with SAP Leonardo.

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  • use sensors and machine vision technology to track pest populations in agriculture
  • provide early warnings of technical failure in city power systems
  • measure and reduce emissions and noise in engines and machines
  • automatically identify and prevent illegal fishing, logging, and mining
  • provide real-time coaching to drivers, preventing accidents and improving safety
  • monitor animal health and behaviour for more sustainable livestock farming



SAP IoT Platform: Features

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SAP Connected Goods

The SAP Connected Goods service connects IoT devices to your back-end systems for remote control and monitoring.

Harvest data from devices such as beverage coolers, freezers, coffee makers, and vending machines.

Set up alerts for rapid reaction, and gain actionable insights into product usage, service, and quality.


SAP Leonardo IoT Vehicle Insights Device

SAP Vehicle Insights

The SAP Vehicle Insights service is a scalable platform that monitors vehicle conditions in real time.

Use the service to collect, map, store, and analyse sensor data.

Then run powerful analytics on that data to provide insights into safety and efficiency.



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SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge

SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge provides centralised control of connected IoT solutions.

Bring together IoT data with people and business processes.

Turn expansive micro-data into a platform for transformative change.



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SAP Leonardo Application Enablement

SAP IoT Application Enablement is a toolkit of reusable microservices and app templates.

Build your own IoT applications for any number of use cases.

Use data management capabilities to turn massive volumes of IoT data into enterprise apps.



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SAP Asset Intelligence Network

SAP Asset Intelligence Network is an intuitive way to connect machines and businesses.

Equipment manufacturers, operators, and service providers can meet asset management challenges.

Manage the key areas of networks, content, integration, and applications.



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SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service

SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service provides predictive maintenance tools for IoT, the Industrial Internet of Things, and machine-to-machine technology.

Empower your transformation in field service and asset management.

This solution is available in both on-premise and cloud deployment.



SAP Leonardo IoT Edge Service

SAP Leonardo IoT Edge

SAP Leonardo IoT Edge is a tool that turns raw sensor data into actionable insights.

Allow your workflows to continue even with unreliable connectivity.

This solution is available in both on-premise and cloud deployment.



About Influential Software: SAP Gold Partner Services

Over the past 25 years, Influential Software has empowered thousands of UK businesses to innovate across departments, reduce costs, increase competitiveness, and produce growth.

Our long-term success in cloud computing, analytics, app development, and integration makes us the ideal fit for SAP Leonardo.

Keeping DevOps culture and agile delivery at the forefront of our services, we promise rapid development and tangible results for your business.


  • support across the adoption lifecycle, from cloud design and strategy to deployment and operations
  • industry-specific experience in publishing, financial services, public sector, manufacturing, government, higher education, retail, and more
  • building complex business apps on SAP Leonardo
  • extension and integration across the cloud and on-premises
  • cloud extension of solutions including SAP By Design, SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Ariba, SuccessFactors, and SAP Jam app development for mobile, Fiori, gamification, analytics, financial, and IoT